When you join Women in Forestry, you'll be able to pick and choose from relevant support on offer. Our programmes include access to events, updates and benefits, all designed to best suit your business. We focus on supporting female business owners, who are often under immense pressure running their businesses. 


We run informal networking events, to connect like-minded women in forestry. These are on an ad-hoc basis and are user-pays events. 

Professional Development

Access opportunities for professional development, with our seminars and workshops. These are tailored to our members, focusing on the issues and topics that matter to you. 


Our Facebook page is a place to keep up to date and engage with our members. We announce upcoming events on our Facebook page so make sure you give us a LIKE and sign up to receive updates.


 We send a regular e-newsletter focusing on profiling our members and innovations in the forestry sector. Sign up to stay connected. 


We work in an industry where decisions are often made that affect us, but which we don't have input on. We're working behind the scenes to give a voice to the women of our industry.


 We'd like to see more women ‘at the table’ in key industry groups. So we're working behind the scenes to have representation of women at decision-making level within the forestry sector.

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When you join Women in Forestry, you'll have access to our great package of membership benefits and programmes including training, workshops, networking, knowledge sharing and advocacy. 


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