Giving Back

Jonny Schick, owner of Shaw's in Cambridge, has a reputation for innovation and building strong relationships throughout the forestry industry. He recently pledged kick-starter funding to the Women in Forestry network and does heaps of good for forestry in general. In this blog post, we delve deeper into some of the awesome work Shaw's and Jonny do, as well as say a massive thanks for their support.  

If you’re in forestry you’ve probably heard the names Shaw's and Jonny Schick floating around more than once or twice.

The profile they have built is a testament to the work Jonny and his team have done in the forestry industry, building strong relationships and being one of the industry’s biggest suppliers, as well as supporters in terms of sponsorship and giving back.

Shaw's history with forestry extends back more than 100 years, proudly supplying kiwi loggers since steam powered the country’s first haulers, back when towers were built from timber, and locomotives carted huge native logs through our forests.

Today, Shaw's provides kiwi logging contractors the most comprehensive range of logging equipment including Eltec & SANY Brands and operates it’s own finance Company.  

Known for innovating and having a broad understanding of the challenges involved in logging, Jonny has been at the helm of Shaw's since the early 2000’s.

He knows most logging contractors by first name and regularly pledges support to various industry events and initiatives.

“Jonny is so supportive of forestry contractors and has done heaps for the industry,” says Sarah Davidson, General Manager of Women in Forestry.

“Shaw's sponsor so many initiatives and are massive champions of contractors.”

Jonny has lots of energy and is known to get out and about to meet people on site.

“He truly understands contracting and the challenges these businesses face. He is really in touch with the industry,” says Sarah.  

“When he took over Shaw's, he apparently got in the Shaw's sales truck and drove around the country for six months meeting all the different contractors. That is a testament to his grassroots approach from the beginning.”

Hosting the Women in Forestry conference group earlier this year was another opportunity for the Shaw's Team to connect with some of its customers.

There for a quick workshop tour and with his wife Bex on the bar, the Shaw's team really turned it on with helicopter rides for everyone.

“It’s that kind of next-level hospitality that makes Shaw's so respected in the industry,” says Sarah.

The generosity didn’t stop there, with Jonny later pledging 10% of the sale proceeds from a processor to Women in Forestry as kick-starter funding.

“We can’t thank Shaw's enough for their financial support of the Women in Forestry Network,” says Sarah.

“It’s a massive boost for us, that will help us to support women in our industry and offer more frequent and structured support to our members.”


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