Driver check for peace of mind

NZTA have a driver check service to help you keep up to date about what licenses your workers hold. This is a handy tool for contractors, helping to reduce your stress levels when managing work vehicles and the workers you have driving them.

For such a small cost to your business, the driver check is a great solution to keep on top of employees’ license status’. The service helps you make sure you only have appropriately licensed drivers driving your company vehicles.

You can add an NZTA form insert to your employment contracts and get employees to fill these out when they start. You’ll then receive timely alerts every time a worker’s license status changes.

What do other people say?

“Driver check has been a great tool for our business. We had an employee get DIC’d in their personal vehicle over the weekend with instant loss of license. Because I had him registered with driver check, I was emailed right away that he no longer held a valid license. As the driver of our crew van, this was important information to know quickly, so that a replacement driver could be sorted right away.”

“This is an easy tool to use and gives our company confidence and reassurance about the drivers we have in our vehicles. Fortunately, we haven’t had any notifications for loss of license so far. The tool has been great for keeping track of when licenses expire, which can easily be overlooked when having multiple drivers. It’s so great to get an email notification and super easy!”



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