Business Advice and Support available for Women in Forestry affected by Cyclone Gabrielle

Following Cyclone Gabrielle, qualified business consultant Janet Brooker is providing some tailored support to female business owners in forestry affected by the Cyclone. 

As a qualified business consultant and business owner, Janet has seen it all. With this Women in Forestry support package, Janet will be providing tailored help and advice including: 

A friendly ear to listen - as an independent and non-judgmental sounding board, Janet can talk you through your concerns and current challenges and pressing issues. 

Practical, helpful advice - Janet can help you navigate your current options and needs. She has extensive experience helping businesses to pivot,  explore new options, work through a business exit strategy or reevaluate.   

Women in Forestry Support Package with Janet Brooker - 2 hrs free of charge

Janet is available to help female business owners in forestry with up to two hours of one-on-one help per contractor (subject to interest and demand). Women in Forestry is planning to cover the cost, so it is free of charge to our members, valued at $295+GST per session. 

Elgibility / Terms and Conditions 

At this stage we are seeking expressions of interest and we will see how many people take up this offer. To be eligible you need to be: 

  1. A female business owner in the forestry industry 

  2. Living / operating in one of the affected Cyclone Gabrielle areas - Hawkes Bay, East Coast, Northland, Coromandel

Register your interest to speak with Janet 

To register your interest, please email ladies@womeninforestry.co.nz.

Please include:

  • Your location

  • Your rough staff numbers affected by the cyclone

  • Your most current / pressing business concerns 


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